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5th September 2014
Should You Move Yourself Or Hire A Removals Company?

When it comes to moving home or office, you've got two main options You can pay to have a company take care of it all and do it for you, or you can choose the do-it-yourself way

13th August 2014
Managing Relationships With Domestic Staff

Domestic staff are often made up of older workers, females and migrants and typically feel like they are at the very bottom of the corporate food chain and as such have very few rights to complain, ra...

1st July 2014
10 Efficiency Tips For Facilities Managers

When it comes to facilities management there are many responsibilities to juggle Making sure you get the most out of your contractors, and making efficiency tweaks are the ideal way to ensure you do y...

11th June 2014
Hiring Crates Makes Refurbishing Easier

When you are refurbishing a building, it causes a large amount of disruption and usually results in the displacement of a large volume of items In an office or classroom that is undergoing a refurbish...

9th May 2014
How The Crate Hire Process Works

Ordering online or on the phone really couldn't be easier, just follow the simple steps below and don't forget, at every step of the way we are here to help

17th April 2014
What Packaging For Moving House?

When it comes to moving home or office, packing away your belongings is a major part of the moving process The last thing you want is for crates to arrive at your destination with damaged contents

8th April 2014
Rent Packing Crates

There are many reasons why renting packing crates will be useful In the article we look at some of the common reasons customers rent moving boxes and packing crates from us

24th March 2014
20 Epic Moving Tips To Make Your Move A Breeze

Moving home or office Don't miss our top 20 moving related tips to help you move with the minimum of hassle!