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20th March 2020
4 Easy Tips For More Efficient Homeworking

With the UK experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK government, along with many other governments across the world have advised people to work

20th January 2020
What’s The Emotional Impact of Moving Home?

Let’s face it, after a few years living in one place it’s easy to accumulate a lot of stuff, from books and clothing

4th November 2019
There’s More To Crate Hire Than Crates! Buy Cardboard Moving Boxes Online

OK, so with a name like Crate Hire UK you could be forgiven for thinking that’s all we do, but actually we’re about

13th August 2019
You Can Now Buy Plastic Crates & Moving Boxes Direct From Us!

Did you know that as well as renting crates from us, you can now buy them too This gives you the ultimate flexibility

19th October 2015
Boxes For Moving House & More!

Boxes for moving home & more No matter what your requirements, we've got a box package and packing materials that are right for you!

10th September 2014
How Our Plastic Crates Are Made

Ever wondered how our big blue, robust moving crates are made Check out our latest video which takes you through the crate hire manufacturing process

8th May 2013
The UK Housing Market, Spring 2013

Whilst Spring so far has provided us with a rather erratic mix of sunshine, storms and showers, the UK housing market is thankfully, looking a little more stable

17th August 2012
Ellesmere Port Welcomes William Sinclair

Ellesmere Port Welcomes William Sinclair William Sinclair relocating to Ellesmere Port in a phased relocation The currently based Lincoln Horticultural firm William Sinclair,