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Purchase your new or used plastic crates to easily move and store your items from the number one online moving and storage crate store. With fast delivery within 48 hours anywhere in the UK, you can get packing your boxes in no time, helping you to keep your items safe and secure in transit and storage. Colours are subject to change depending on crate stock. You can also buy cardboard packing boxes by clicking "Buy Boxes" in the menu above.

If you are looking for used crates at a discounted rate, please contact us for pricing as our used packing crates are subject to availability - Contact Us.

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L: 400 x W: 300 x H: 310 mm
Capacity: 25 litres
£22.95 (ex.VAT) each
A Small 25ltr Plastic Removal Crate - our smallest removal crate is versatile and perfect for moving and storing high value goods and documents
L: 710 x W: 460 x H: 375 mm
Capacity: 80 litres
£23.99 (ex.VAT) each
A Standard 80ltr Heavy Duty Industrial Removal Crate - our standard industrial grade removal crate is perfect for moving and storing your Office and Home and is by far are most popular crate
L: 1150 x W: 480 x H: 365 mm
Capacity: 130 litres
£39.99 (ex.VAT) each
A Metre Long Plastic Removal Crate - the longest crate in our crate sales range is perfect for moving and storing books, files and large items.
L: 740 x W: 570 x H: 623 mm
Capacity: 165 litres
£44.95 (ex.VAT) each
A Very Large 165ltr Plastic Removal Crate with Attached Lid - our largest removal crate allows for a very versatile large storage solution capable of storing large objects safely and securely
L: 720 x W: 570 x H: 470 mm
Capacity: 140 litres
£44.95 (ex.VAT) each
A Large 140ltr Plastic Industrial Removal Crate with Attached Lid - A large removal crate for larger item storage typically used to store and transport IT computers safely and securely
help_outline Frequently Asked Questions

add_circle_outline If I order plastic crates online how quickly can they be delivered?

As long as we have stock we can deliver within 48 hours working days only to anywhere in the UK.

add_circle_outline How strong are your plastic storage crates?

Extremely strong as they used to help move and store homes and businesses throughout the UK.

add_circle_outline What is the most popular storage crate to buy?

Our CH3 Standard Moving Crate is by the far most popular crate and this particular sized crate is used in 80% of all UK office moves to pack and store.