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Useful tips and information to help with your home or office move. From top tips on how to pack through to advice on how to cope with the upheaval of moving home, you’ll find lots of handy tips here.

3rd November 2023
Thinking Of Moving Somewhere Isolated? These Are The Things You’ll Need To Consider

Even if you currently live somewhere rural moving somewhere isolated, and perhaps difficult to reach means there are lots of specific things you’ll

8th August 2023
Top Tips For Using Cardboard Moving Boxes

Looking for a detailed guide to moving boxes Congratulations, you’ve found it! Here we discuss all the basics relating to cardboard boxes and

3rd July 2023
The Top 5 Reasons Why Plastic Moving Crates Are Best

One of the biggest challenges we face when moving home is the practical aspect of physically packing and moving our belongings To make

25th May 2023
How To Handle Moving Crates Safely

Moving is a process that generally requires a fair bit of physical activity Not only that, but there’s bound to be stretching to

11th March 2023
Exploring The Benefits Of Using Reusable Moving Crates

It’s been a while since we sung the praises of our moving crates and talked about what make them such a great choice

3rd March 2022
These Are The Top Questions The Internet Is Asking About Moving To London

We write about a lot of serious topics here at Crate Hire UK and frankly, every now and again we need a bit

10th December 2021
Moving Box Buying Tips From The Experts

When it comes to moving home, one thing is for certain, you’re going to need moving boxes – and lots of them! From

5th October 2021
Reasons To Consider Using A Specialist Removals Company

Moving yourself is tempting, we get it Moving home is already expensive enough what those conveyancing fees, arranging a new mortgage and so