Exploring The Benefits Of Using Reusable Moving Crates

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It’s been a while since we sung the praises of our moving crates and talked about what make them such a great choice for home movers.

If your considering using rental crates instead of traditional cardboard boxes for your forthcoming move, read on to find out why moving crates make such a great option…

Benefits of crates over boxes

Moving Crates are Durable & More Secure

Our sturdy plastic crates are made from high-quality materials, built to withstand the rigors of packing, family life and moving day.

Unlike cardboard boxes, our strong plastic crates are far more durable and are less likely to result in damage to contents than a traditional cardboard box, meaning your belongings will be safer throughout the moving process.

Crates Are Stackable

By far one of the biggest advantages of using Crate Hire UK plastic crates is their space-saving ability, making them ideal for almost every move. Due to the strength and durability of our crates and the fact they come with lids, you’ll be able to make the most of any available floor space by stacking your crates one on top of the other.

Not only does this save you space in your property whilst you’re in the process of packing, but it also means that when in transit, your crates can be easily organised inside the moving van to make the most of any available space without the fear of boxes being crushed.

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Reusable and Eco-Friendly

Crate Hire UK plastic crates are strong enough to be used over and over again which means they can be a more environmentally friendly option than choosing traditional cardboard moving boxes. Once you’ve moved, you simply return your crates to us. We can pick them up at a time and place convenient to you or you can drop them off at one of our local depots.

Once we receive the crates back, we then fully sanitise them and check their condition before renting them out again.

Cost-Effective Choice

While renting plastic crates may seem like an additional expense, it might cost less than you’d think. Using our plastic moving crates won’t require additional expenses like packing tape and tape dispensers and they are super fast and easy to use too as they don’t require assembling like a cardboard box does.

Moving crates can be rented from as little as £0.45 per week. You can use our handy home moves calculator to work out how many crates (and what size) you might need for your particular move.

Easy to Handle

Our plastic moving crates are designed to be as easy to handle as possible with things like finger holds and handles that ensure they are easy to move around and transport. This is especially helpful when moving heavy items like books and kitchenware, which can be tricky to lift in traditional cardboard boxes!

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