How To Handle Moving Crates Safely

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Moving is a process that generally requires a fair bit of physical activity. Not only that, but there’s bound to be stretching to reach things, bending to pack and then lifting and carrying of boxes. All of these activities have the potential to lead to injury and everything from muscle strain to trips and falls can be common.

In our latest guide, we look at common scenarios associated with packing and handling moving crates and boxes and how you can safeguard against potential injury.

How to safely handle moving boxes

Lifting moving crates and boxes

Whilst many boxes and crates will be of a manageable size, it’s important not to be tempted to lift large, awkward or heavy things without help. Not only does a second pair of hands make it easier to spread the carrying load, but you can ensure that all the stress isn’t put on just limited points of contact and instead is spread.

To make moving crates in particularly easier, you’ll want to ensure you use appropriate tools and equipment to handle the crates, such as crate skates, a dolly or a trolley.

Carrying things up and down stairs

Moving your packed boxes or crates up and down stairs can be challenging and even hazardous. If several people are involved in moving the crates, as well as planning your route in advance, you’ll need to establish clear communication and coordination. Use verbal signals or agreed-upon hand gestures to ensure everyone is on the same page and can safely maneuver the crates together.

Be aware of trip hazards

Everything from the obvious like debris left on the stairs or pets rushing under your feet, to errant toys left in the wrong place can all create trip hazards.

Before moving crates, boxes or furniture around, particularly if you’re moving it from one room to another or from upstairs to downstairs, you’ll want to do a quick visual inspection of the route first to make sure you’re aware of any potential hazards.

Try to keep young children and pets out of the way and consider having another adult spot you, or lend a hand, particularly if you’re handling something awkward or heavy and have stairs to contend with.

Take a look at the Health & Safety Executive website for detailed advice and tips on good handling techniques.

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