Hire Crates For Moving Home or Office

When it's time to move we get it. There are so many things to think about and so much to do that the last thing you want to be stressing over is where you can hire crates from.

Here at Crate Hire UK, we have an excellent reputation for providing a service that's proudly rated as "excellent" by our customers over on Trustpilot. With many years of experience, we know exactly how to help you move home or office with the minimum of fuss, making it as easy as possible for you to hire everything you might need for your move.

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Hire crates for moving home or office direct from the experts at Crate Hire UK. Read on to find out more about hiring moving crates from us here.

Hire crates

Crate Hire Tips

1. Hire crates as early as possible

This means working out how many you'll need and getting the crates ordered as soon as possible. Don't worry, if you're not sure how many you'll need we can help. Give us a call on 0845 835 4870 and let us know what you're moving or use our crate hire calculator. Alternatively, we've got a number of set hire packages that will allow you to order enough crates for your move.

2. Don't forget your packaging supplies

As well as your hire crates or boxes, you'll also need to make sure you've got enough packaging supplies to protect your belongings as you pack them away.

Using a good amount of things like bubble wrap will help to ensure you're belongings don't get damaged in transit. Take a look at How To Pack Boxes To Minimise Breakages When Moving for more help and find out How To Take Care Of Your Moving Tote Boxes here.

3. Moving equipment will be a big help

Lugging around heavy boxes that are fully packed can not only be hard work, it can also increase the chances of picking up and injury. Putting your back out is the last thing you want to do when you're moving, so whilst proper lifting technique will certainly help, for larger crates and boxes, we'd recommend you hire moving equipment to help you move your crates around.

Take a look at Why Bother With Crate Handling Equipment?

4. Use an online service

The Crate Hire UK team are experts in crate hire and we're here to help. Benefit from our years of expertise and our first-class customer service when you hire with us. Not only that, but if you need to keep your hire crates for longer, or you need to change your order, we'll do everything that we can to help.

Online hire services like ours provide you with the maximum amount of flexibility, meaning when you want to make changes, it's quick and easy to do so, and that's one less thing to worry about!

Some of our products available to hire

See our full crate hire range here.

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help_outline Frequently Asked Questions

add_circle_outline How do I order crates to move?

It's so easy to order crates to move using our online crate hire booking store; and being the fastest growing top rated crate rental service you can rely on us to deliver or have your moving crates ready when you need them. If you need further instruction on using our online store, just read the guide to ordering your crates above.

add_circle_outline If I order plastic crates online how quickly can they be delivered?

As long as we have stock we can deliver within 48 hours working days only to anywhere in the UK.

add_circle_outline How strong are your plastic storage crates?

Extremely strong as they used to help move and store homes and businesses throughout the UK.

add_circle_outline What is the most popular storage crate to buy?

Our CH3 Standard Moving Crate is by the far most popular crate and this particular sized crate is used in 80% of all UK office moves to pack and store.

add_circle_outline Can I rent crates to move house?

Absolutely, in fact renting boxes and crates to move home is fast becoming the easiest and most popular way to pack your belongings easily.

add_circle_outline Why should I use plastic crates instead of cardboard boxes?

Plastic crates are stronger than cardboard boxes and can therefore hold more weight. They also offer better protection for your belongings, are fully stackable and reusable so they create less waste. One other great benefit of using plastic crates to move is that you do not have to build the boxes before using them, unlike cardboard moving boxes.

add_circle_outline How does the cost compare using plastic crates over cardboard boxes?

It used to be that cardboard moving boxes were the cheapest way to move your home but things have changed in recent times. People are now realising that their time also has a cost associated to it and within the last few years plastic moving crates are starting to become the preferred and most cost effective way to move your home.

The cost of cardboard has increased rapidly over the years and to buy a standard home moving pack from say Argos or Screwfix including the additional time to pack and move your home makes hiring plastic packing crates highly competitive. The crates provide the fastest way to pack your home as they do not require having to build them first or collapse the next after and recycling them. That's why more and more people are realising the many benefits by using our crate services to move their home. And the overwhelming feedback we receive on a nearly day to day basis is that they would always use plastic crates over cardboard moving boxes.

add_circle_outline What is the fastest way to pack your home?

The fastest way to pack up your home by far is by using plastic moving crates. You can pack up to five times faster with crates over cardboard boxes as you do not have to struggle building the boxes before being able to use them or need to collapse them after use and take them to a recycling centre. Our crates come clean and ready to go! As master crate hire specialists we make it easy for you to book your own crates using our unique booking online store. Just add the crates you need and tell us when and where you need them. We will then make sure you get your crates on the day you have requested. How easy is that!

The crates are excellent for moving, we put all our IT equipment in them and servers and they were very secure. Excellent for moving offices.

Anisa Ayaz