A6 - Metre Long Unlidded Plastic Moving Crate

Was: £1.39 £1.18 (ex.VAT) Per Week
Product Dimensions
External Dimensions
L:1160 x W:480 x H:345 mm
L:45.7 x W:18.9 x H:13.6 inches
Internal Dimensions
L:1020 x W:420 x H:340 mm
L:40.2 x W:16.5 x H:13.4 inches
130 litres
4.59 cubic feet
5.6 kg
Product Description

Our Long Unlidded Plastic Moving Crate is our most popular crate for moving files and books efficiently.

The A6 moving plastic crate benefits from the following -

  • 5 x Faster Packing Than Cardboard
  • No Need To Build Before You Pack
  • Extra Safe And Secure
  • Easy Handling
  • No Disposal Needed
  • Fast Next Day Delivery

These crates can be handled using the clam shell handles located on both short sides. The A6 can be nested inside of each other when empty and stacked on top of each other when full, helping to optimise valuable space.

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The crates are excellent for moving, we put all our IT equipment in them and servers and they were very secure. Excellent for moving offices.

Anisa Ayaz