CH3 - Standard Plastic Moving Crate

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Product Dimensions
External Dimensions
L:710 x W:460 x H:375 mm
L:28.0 x W:18.1 x H:14.8 inches
Internal Dimensions
L:630 x W:415 x H:345 mm
L:24.8 x W:16.3 x H:13.6 inches
80 litres
2.83 cubic feet
4.3 kg
Product Description

Our Standard Moving Crates the CH3, is our most popular plastic moving crate in our extensive crate range and is available to hire and purchase easily by phone or via our simple to use online plastic crate store. 

The CH3 plastic heavy duty crates are frequently used by thousands of our crate rental customers Nationwide, needing to pack, move and store their home or office. The crate is made from polypropylene which makes it tough, robust and weatherproof when in transit or storage.

Born from the original wooden tea crate, which was used extensively to move and store items and belongings for many years, our plastic version of this classic reusable moving box lends itself perfectly to the fast moving world of today.

Many top professional UK removal companies use the 80 litre plastic removal crate to move and store their client’s belongings safely and smoothly. This is due to our moving crates being extremely fast and efficient to pack. Plastic crates are up to five times faster to pack than cardboard moving boxes as there is no building, flattening or disposal needed. 

Ideal for the following packing applications -

  • General home and office moves and relocations
  • Office and School refurbishment and refit storage 
  • Internal and external office moves
  • Short and long term storage solutions

Our packing crates have the following benefits over cardboard moving boxes – 

  • Up to 5 times faster to pack than cardboard home moving boxes
  • No need to build, flatten or dispose of any cardboard
  • Increased protection and security in transit and storage
  • Holds 8 to 10 Lever Arch Files securely
  • Integrated ergonomic handles for easy and safe handling
  • Attached lidded container for security
  • Fast express next day UK delivery

The crate’s attached lid can easily be secured using our plastic crates seals (SLS). For more important, sensitive or valuable items we also provide numbered plastic seals (SLN) to prevent tampering.

We recommend using our bubble wrap rolls and packing tape to help you pack any fragile items into our crates, as well as easy peel crate labels (CLABS) to help identify the contents packed within them. This provides added protection to your belongings in crate moving and storage.

We provide crate skate and sack barrow hire to help you easily move your CH3 moving crates when you have finished packing them. They are available to rent online via our handling equipment store.

The CH3 plastic security crates nest inside of each other when empty and are fully stackable when full. Helping to optimise space when moving your home or office. 

You can also purchase our 80 litre plastic moving crates if you wish to own them for a more permanent long term storage solution.

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help_outline Frequently Asked Questions

add_circle_outline Do the crates have attached lids?

Yes, our CH3 plastic crate has an attached lid which allows you to close the crate securely. You can also stack the crates on top of each other when the attached lid is closed.

add_circle_outline How many lever arch files can fit into a CH3 plastic crate?

The CH3 crate is perfect for moving and storing lever arch files. You can fit about 8 to 10 lever arch files into your CH3 standard packing crates

add_circle_outline Can I lift a standard moving crate on my own?

The CH3 standard moving crate has an internal capacity of 80 litres and is our most popular crate for moving and storing. However we would recommend to carefully pack your crate with both light and heavy items rather than just heavy items like paper or books. This is because you will find the crate too heavy to carry on your own if you fill it with all heavy items. In this instance where only heavier items are being packed we would recommend our CH2 crate which is slightly smaller but easier to handle manually. This crate is especially useful when you have to carry the boxes up and down stairs.

add_circle_outline Do moving crates nest and stack?

Absolutely, your crates will come nested inside each other up to 20 crates per stack, allowing for easy handling just when you need them. Once you have packed your crate you can then stack them on top of each other to save valuable moving and storage space.

Moving with plastic crates is up to five times quicker than using traditional moving boxes made from cardboard?

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Excellent service again from Crate Hire UK. Have used this company before and will again. Thank you Crate Hire, your staff are very friendly and very professional.

Margaret Burns