ITC1 - Large Computer Crate

Was: £4.78 £4.06 (ex.VAT) Per Week
Product Dimensions
External Dimensions
L:740 x W:570 x H:623 mm
L:29.1 x W:22.4 x H:24.5 inches
Internal Dimensions
L:640 x W:540 x H:585 mm
L:25.2 x W:21.3 x H:23.0 inches
165 litres
5.83 cubic feet
7.5 kg
Product Description

Our Large Plastic Computer Crate (ITC1) is our largest crate available to rent or buy. It was primarily designed with IT Manager's in mind to help them move IT server hardware, computers, cables and screens in a safe and secure environment but due to their large size the crates lend themselves brilliantly to moving larger awkward items from the home or office.

The crates are used by many professional removers to safely move computer equipment when moving offices externally or internally.

They can be packed quickly and easily, providing the ultimate storage solution to keep your computer equipment and items safe, secure and damage free in transit or storage.

The ITC1 plastic packing computer crate benefits from the following -

  1. Ultimate Protection For Moving & Storing Valuable IT Equipment
  2. Large Enough To Take Most It Servers
  3. Can Easily Be Securely Fastened Using Cable Ties
  4. Easy Handling When Both Full And Empty
  5. Fast And Efiicient Packing 
  6. Fast Next Day Uk Delivery

These large plastic crates are made from polypropylene and can be handled easily using the handles located on both short sides and easily secured using the integral lid. We also supply crate security seals if you need to secure the computer crate lid after packing (2 seals per crate are required). This helps keep the crate lid secure in transit and storage.

We recommend using anti static bubble wrap bags to pack any computer equipment. This will help avoid any damage that can be caused by electrostatic charges when in transport or storage. Anti-static bubble wrap bags are available from our online packaging store.

Alternatively you can use our crate hire handling equipment to ease any heavy lifting and make your move a smoother, easier experience. We provide ITC1 Computer Crate Skates which have been designed specifically to easily handle this large computer crate and are available for rental.

The ITC1 can be nested inside of each other when empty and stacked on top of each other when full, helping to optimise valuable space.

A smaller computer crate, the ITC1 is also available to rent or buy which caters for flatscreen monitors, pc towers and cables as standard and is used in most IT applications.

You can also purchase our large computer crates to provide you with a more permanent storage solution to your long term crate hire needs.

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The ideal crate for moving and storing your IT equipment in perfect safety.

Could not have been more stress-free. It was delivered and collected as booked, staff were friendly and helpful, cost was reasonable. Perfect aid to an office move