Rent A Crate To Make Your Move Fast And Easy
Rent A Crate To Make Your Move Fast And Easy
Everything you need to make your move fast and simple.
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Rent a Crate & Buy Moving Boxes To Move Home Easily

Crate Hire UK is the leading online supplier for crate rental, moving boxes and packaging for your home and office moves in London and the UK. We provide reliable and affordable moving crate hire services in London and throughout the UK to help make your house or office move simple.

So, if you are looking to move or store your home and office contents then why not rent a crate, buy your moving boxes and packaging online with us today.

At Crate Hire UK we provide a nationwide delivery service and our standard delivery is typically within 24 hours to anywhere within the UK. Buy online from us today, and in most cases, it will be delivered tomorrow!

If you've decided to buy rather than rent, you can find out how to take care of your moving boxes here.

Hire Crates & Moving Boxes Easily

We understand how stressful moving can be, whether you are moving a home or moving office, so why not use our simple and easy rent a crate and moving box solution to help you move or relocate with ease! You can find out more about buying or renting large moving boxes here.

Our online shop provides the ideal way to book your house moving packing crates and buy your packaging. You will find everything you need at the click of a button and our house move calculator will even work out how many and what type of hire crates and packaging you will need for your move. You can even buy cardboard packing boxes if you wish.

Once you have added your moving crates and packaging to your basket and specified where you need them delivered, we make sure everything is with you on the day you have requested. We can even deliver your house moving packing crates at a specific time of day to suit you!

help_outline Frequently Asked Questions

add_circle_outline Can I rent crates to move house?

Absolutely, in fact renting boxes and crates to move home is fast becoming the easiest and most popular way to pack your belongings easily.

add_circle_outline Why should I use plastic crates instead of cardboard boxes?

Plastic crates are stronger than cardboard boxes and can therefore hold more weight. They also offer better protection for your belongings, are fully stackable and reusable so they create less waste. One other great benefit of using plastic crates to move is that you do not have to build the boxes before using them, unlike cardboard moving boxes.

add_circle_outline How does the cost compare using plastic crates over cardboard boxes?

It used to be that cardboard moving boxes were the cheapest way to move your home but things have changed in recent times. People are now realising that their time also has a cost associated to it and within the last few years plastic moving crates are starting to become the preferred and most cost effective way to move your home.

The cost of cardboard has increased rapidly over the years and to buy a standard home moving pack from say Argos or Screwfix including the additional time to pack and move your home makes hiring plastic packing crates highly competitive. The crates provide the fastest way to pack your home as they do not require having to build them first or collapse the next after and recycling them. That's why more and more people are realising the many benefits by using our crate services to move their home. And the overwhelming feedback we receive on a nearly day to day basis is that they would always use plastic crates over cardboard moving boxes.

add_circle_outline What is the fastest way to pack your home?

The fastest way to pack up your home by far is by using plastic moving crates. You can pack up to five times faster with crates over cardboard boxes as you do not have to struggle building the boxes before being able to use them or need to collapse them after use and take them to a recycling centre. Our crates come clean and ready to go! As master crate hire specialists we make it easy for you to book your own crates using our unique booking online store. Just add the crates you need and tell us when and where you need them. We will then make sure you get your crates on the day you have requested. How easy is that!