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Moving house is a mammoth undertaking and the more prepared you are for it, the smoother your actual move day will go – well that’s the theory at least! With so many things to think about, breaking down your move into individual tasks will help stop you feeling overwhelmed and makes it easier to get things done in an organised way.

Sorting The Keepers From The Junk - Handy House Moving Tips Crate Hire UK

What to do with the junk?

If you have items that are in poor repair, dirty, broken or missing parts, then they are going to be little use to anyone, however, you may still be able to recycle them so at least they aren’t going to landfill.

Even if you have things are in a good state of repair, if you’ve not used it for a year, the chances are you won’t use it again, it makes little sense to keep hold of things like this unless they are intrinsically valuable.

Being brutal when it’s time to move is often a good idea as the fewer things you need to move the better. You’ll save time on packing and unpacking and you’ll also save on the cost of associated packaging materials and moving costs.

What to do with the good stuff?

Once you’ve identified the items that are in good nick and are of some value, you need to decide what you want to do with them. Items with sentimental value are most likely going to be packed and moved with you, but you might have some other perfectly good items that you just don’t use, need or want any more.

First, separate everything you’ve been left with into two piles and create one for the things you definitely want to hold on to, and another for the things that are valuable or could potentially be sold. If you have anything old, or any notable items then make sure that you do some research on them to find out their value. The last thing that you want to do is to end up selling a design classic or a rare antique on eBay for a few pounds when you could have sold it for much more at a specialist auction house.

Options for selling your valuables

  • Sell through a classified advert online or in a local publication
  • Sell through a classified advert online or in a local publication
  • Auction House (for antiques or other valuables)
  • Do a car boot or table top sale
  • Donate to charity

It is worth noting that in order to sell some of your belongings there will be an associated charge to factor in, and of course, you’ll need to dedicate some time to the activity too, which might not always be practical when you are moving and have lots of other things that you need to be doing too!

In order to decide if it really is worthwhile to sell some of the things you no longer want, you’ll need to get an idea of their potential value and the time and effort it will take you to sell them; you might conclude that it would be better to simply donate them to charity instead.

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