The Fast And Easy Way To Hire Office Moving Crates
The Fast And Easy Way To Hire Office Moving Crates
Everything you need to move your office easily.
Office Move Calculator

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Crate Hire For Moving Office

Moving office is an exciting milestone; however, it can also be logistically challenging and stressful. By using our crate hire services, crate hire equipment and packaging products, your office move can be a stress-free and straightforward process.


Hire Crates To Move Your Office

Crate Hire UK is one of the most significant online crate hire and packaging specialists in the UK. We have helped numerous businesses move their offices while saving them money in the process by using our simple office crate hire services. Our affordable crate rental offers many benefits and is a flexible and cost-effective alternative to purchasing crates. We also provide an extensive range of packing materials to protect your valuables during your office move.

Our crate hire services have proved invaluable to businesses in both the commercial and public sector including Governments, Solicitors, Councils, Colleges, Schools, Hospitals, Libraries and Facilities Management companies.

We offer a massive range of office crate hire equipment, from computer crates to roll cagessack barrows to bubble wrap, whether you are moving a small department within an office or the whole office building, Crate Hire UK can provide everything you need for your office move.

Our plastic moving crates offer tremendous benefits over their cardboard alternatives. They are incredibly robust, can be nested and stacked, provide extra protection for high-value items such as computers and servers and can be securely sealed using our crate security seals. You can view our range of plastic hire crates here.

While our plastic hire crates are themselves extremely robust, we would recommend that you take full advantage of our premium packaging for complete peace of mind. We offer a wide range of packaging including bubble wrap, packing paper and packing tape. View our full range of crate packaging here.


Crate Handling Equipment

Once your crates are packed and ready to move, we highly recommend using, our crate skates and sack barrows for a quick and convenient move. Available to rent on a weekly basis, they are cost-effective and take the heavy lifting out of your office move. View our range of crate handling equipment here.


Ordering Crates for your Office Move couldn’t be Easier

Our online crate hire and packaging process is designed to make ordering easy, secure and cost-effective. Our shop is full of useful features, such as our office move calculator, set package options and our fully integrated crate rental hire system. So your order can be placed within three easy steps.


Office Move Calculator

Use our Office Move Calculator to create your tailored crate hire package. Based on our many years of experience moving offices, we can accurately calculate your recommended crate hire package. Just enter the number of people relocating offices or moving internally and we will recommend a tailored hire package recommendation. You have the option to amend the equipment volumes before adding to your shopping basket.


Set Crate Hire Packages

If you don’t require a tailored crate hire solution, our set package option will provide everything you need for your office move, including plastic hire crates, bubble wrap, crate labels, crate skates and handling equipment. We have a choice of 6 packages available, pre-configured to suit the size of your office move.

View our affordable crate hire packages here.