The First And The Last Things You Should Pack When Moving Home

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If you’re moving it definitely makes a lot of sense to start the process of packing sooner rather than later, but what items should you refrain from packing and which belongings should be relegated to the depths of your moving boxes first?

What to pack first moving

Moving home is pretty stressful, but with careful planning, you can help to mitigate at least some of that stress. As you edge ever closer to moving day however, you may be keen to start packing up your belongings ahead of your move so you’re left with less to do in the immediate run-up to the big day. Below we delve into what’s safe to pack well in advance of your move, and which items are better left until the last minute.

What to pack first when moving

Get a head start on the mammoth task of packing for your move by beginning the process early. Pack away out of season belongings, non-essentials and anything you know you definitely won’t need in the next few weeks.

  • Guest bed linen and extra towels
  • Out of season clothing and footwear
  • Christmas and other seasonal decorations
  • Infrequently used musical instruments and sports equipment
  • Pictures, ornaments and vases
  • The entire contents of your spare/guest room(s)
  • Start dismantling furniture in rooms infrequently used
  • Books and collectables
  • Kitchen equipment you don’t often use, like cake and bread tins, blenders, slow cookers, pasta makers and so on
  • Jewellery, handbags and accessories
  • The contents of drawers, especially the junk drawer that everyone seems to have at least one of!
  • Contents of your garden shed and/or garage
  • Some DIY equipment for example paintbrushes, sanding blocks, tins of varnish etc. Remember though that you may need easy access to things like drills and screwdrivers to remove certain fixtures and fittings or to dismantle furniture on moving day

What to pack last when moving

What to pack last when moving

We’d recommend leaving most of the following items until the last minute, as they are items that you’re likely to need right up until, and in some cases, on your actual moving day.

  • Condiments and other store cupboard staples like herbs, spices, tinned and non-perishable food
  • Kettle
  • Cutlery, plates, mugs, glasses and pans
  • Cleaning supplies
  • TV and other electrical equipment like PCs and games consoles
  • Remaining bed linen and towels
  • Phone chargers and mobile devices
  • Laundry, iron and ironing board
  • Bathroom toiletries
  • Lampshades and lamps
  • Curtains and any other window dressings
  • House plants
  • Remaining DIY supplies

Get more moving tips and advice

Don’t forget that whatever order you choose to pack things in, you can help to minimise breakages by following some simple packing tips which include things like not overpacking boxes and making sure you have sufficient packaging supplies to ensure delicate items are well protected.

For more great tips and advice on moving, take a look at the ultimate list of 60 moving hacks and tips, and when it’s time to unpack, read up on the best way to handle unpacking boxes after you move.

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