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Such a great idea, very convenient and a green way to move house! (Plus no more drowning in cardboard boxes when moving in) Service was great, on time and as planned Definitely recommend

Moving Office?

We've got everything you need for an office move. Our crates are flexible, stackable and highly effective.

Moving House?

We've got everything you need for your house move from plastic crates to bubble wrap.

Packing Crate Hire To Pack, Store & Move Easily

Packing Crate Hire UK - Plastic packing crates to help you pack your belongings to move or store safely. Rent packing crates today for the move ahead.

Packing Crate Rental

Making sure that you have the write packaging when you're packing to move home is crucial. No one wants to arrive at their new home and begin unpacking to find that valuable contents have been damaged in transit.

Packaging For Moving House

Don't scrimp when it comes to packaging materials. Make sure that any delectate or breakable items are adequately protected. You'll find that bubble wrap is the ideal packaging material, especially for ornaments and crockery.

Tips For Packing Crockery

A great tip for packing crockery is to use old newspaper to wrap each plate individually, then place them one on top of another, in small stacks. Wrap each stack of plates with more paper and finally with a few layers of bubble wrap around the outside.

Crockery is best packed inside a ridged container, so a plastic crate rather than a cardboard box is recommended. A plastic crate is much stronger and will take some impact without affecting the contents, whereas cardboard boxes are less robust and not as able to protect the contents from impacts.

You can find more tips on packing and moving house in our blog article, 20 Epic Tips To Make Your Move A Breeze.

Buy Packing Materials For Moving House Here

Some of the packaging materials that we sell include:

You can view our full packaging range here.

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