4 Easy Tips For More Efficient Homeworking

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With the UK experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK government, along with many other governments across the world have advised people to work from home where possible. This has lead to a huge increase in the number of people working from home, many of whom are likely to have not done it before. So if you’re not used to working from home, how can you ensure you’ll be as productive as possible?

Tips for working from home

Did you know that various research has concluded that people are actually more productive when they work from home? Staying focused isn’t always easy for everyone though, so these are our top tips on how to work from home and how to stay productive.

1. Create a work zone

If you’re not lucky enough to have a home office or a spare room, set up an area in your home to use as a temporary office. Whilst sitting on the sofa with your laptop might seem appealing, if you’re not used to home working and perhaps don’t have honed time-management skills, you might that the sofa lures you to pop the TV on which can wreak havoc on concentration levels.

Setting up a workspace at the kitchen or dining room table makes a great alternative if you don’t have a home office, and it will help remove the temptation to stick the TV on too!

2. Stay in touch with colleagues

If you’re having to self isolate or even if you and your family remain well, working from home can still mean that you get much less human contact. Make sure you’re having regular catch-ups with your colleagues, this can help provide a sense of normalcy and stop you feeling isolated. Regular updates with team members are particularly important to ensure work can continue as normal.

Tips for working from home

3. Keep to a regular schedule

Although you’re likely to gain time as you won’t need to spend time commuting, it’s important to maintain a relatively normal schedule. By all means, set your alarm a bit later, but get up and get dressed as normal and make sure you’re PC or laptop is on ready for the start of the working day.

4. Be strict with friends and family members

When working from home, friends and family members may not understand that you need peace and quiet in order to remain productive, and this is especially true if you have children at home.

Be firm and whilst you may be in a position to take more breaks than usual throughout the day, it’s important to maintain your own space, as free from distraction as possible.

Finally, enjoy the freedom that working from home provides! With no daily commute, you’ll have a little more time on your hands. Enjoy the company of your pets and don’t be afraid to take regular breaks when you want to. Whilst research has found that working from home means workers tend to take more breaks. A couple of extra 5 minute breaks to pop the kettle on, play with the dog or even to stretch your legs in the garden could actually do you the world of good and increase your productivity!

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