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Commercial moving tips and advice to help make office and commercial moves easier.

25th March 2021
Back to The Office – Tips For Keeping Your Workspace Clean

Regardless of which part of the UK you live in, you’re likely to have lived through 3 lockdowns now The global pandemic means

9th March 2020
How To Create The Ideal Office Space Where Employees Thrive

If you’re relocating and wondering how you can make your new office a happy, productive and greener space, you’ve come to the right

4th February 2020
6 Inspiring Office Interiors That We Love

Offices have come a long way in the last few years No longer are they bland and grey purely functional corporate spaces, but

15th September 2019
The History Of Tea Crates and Plastic Crates

Crates have been used to move and store products for over a century Read about the history of wooden crates, modern plastic crates

15th March 2019
Why Bother With Crate Handling Equipment?

So, you’ve hired or bought your crates from us; what next Have you thought about where you’re going to store your crates or

24th July 2018
London Crate Hire – Click & Collect Local Crate Hire Services

Moving Crate Hire Services In The Capital City Here at Crate Hire UK, we offer a UK-wide service and with hundreds of satisfied

14th June 2018
Which is the Best Option For You; Cardboard Boxes or Plastic Crates?

One of the questions we are often asked by our customers is which kind of moving box is best; plastic crates or cardboard