6 Inspiring Office Interiors That We Love

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Offices have come a long way in the last few years. No longer are they bland and grey purely functional corporate spaces, but thanks to trendy brands and the rise in creative agencies, we’ve seen companies increasingly moving away from standard office interiors in a drive to create spaces that are energising and promote greater productivity and wellbeing.

It’s not all good news though, in fact an article we read recently about the dark side of modern office design, stated that whilst modern offices look good, they can often be more akin to ‘battery chicken farms’ for humans thanks to the negative impact that large open plan offices can have on people.

Whatever you think about modern office design though, a lot is now being done by designers to address the issue of wellbeing through better design and below we’ve selected some of our favourite funky offices for you to drool over.

Don’t forget, if you’re looking for inspiration for your own office refurbishment, Pinterest is a great place to start and when it comes to moving or storing the contents of your office, we can help with our crate hire service.

1. Figma’s Cool San Francisco Office

A Tour of Figma’s Cool San Francisco Office

Photo credit: Officelovin’

2. Skype Head Office in Stockholm, Sweden

Skype Head Office in Stockholm, Sweden

Photo credit: e-architect

3. Allianz Office in Istanbul

Allianz Office, Istanbul

Photo credit:

4. Equinox & Industrious Co-working Hub at Hudson Yards

Equinox & Industrious Co-working Hub, Hudson Yards

Photo credit: Dezeen

5. Compassion UK in Fleet

Compassion UK, Fleet

Photographer: Robin Gautier Photo credit: Office Snapshots

6. Finastra Offices in Bucharest

Finastra Offices, Bucharest

PhotographyAndrei Tudoran Photo credit: Office Snapshots

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