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CB2 LARGE - Large Moving Boxes

Was: £2.72 £2.34 (ex.VAT) Each
Product Dimensions
External Dimensions
L:457 x W:457 x H:500 mm
L:18.0 x W:18.0 x H:19.7 inches
Product Description

Large Moving Boxes London & UK

A strong large cardboard moving box to help you pack, move and store in the UK. Our large boxes are very robust and arrive flat packed. They are easy to build using packing tape which can be purchased online from our easy to use shop; once built they provide a good amount of packing space to protect your items when moving.


The large moving boxes are suitable for moving and storing all types of items, including:

  • Pictures
  • Kitchenware
  • Toys
  • Electrical Equipment
  • China/ Glassware
  • Lamps and Shades

If you are moving house or relocating an office, our wide range of cardboard moving boxes are both cost-effective and make packing your home or office quick and easy. 

Our 100% recyclable environmentally friendly selection of cardboard boxes and packing materials includes various size boxes from small to large cartons. Ensuring you have the right box for the job at hand.

We supply all types of cartons for packing belongings and equipment including wardrobe boxes for moving your clothes on their hangers, computer boxes for storing your IT equipment, archive boxes for suspended hanging files and document archiving, bubble wrap rolls and packing tape.

Our double-wall cardboard boxes will arrive at your specified delivery address flat packed and ready to build. Simply use packing tape to make up your packing boxes ready to pack and fill.


Double Walled Moving Boxes For Added Strength 

All of our cardboard removal boxes are double-walled for added strength when moving or storing fragile items. Double-walled boxes provide extra protection as they are twice the thickness of cheaper boxes available online. We do not supply any single wall cardboard boxes as we find these unsuitable for use as a house moving box or office moving boxes.


Next Day Delivery Or Click & Collect

We can deliver your storage boxes and packaging products to anywhere in the UK on a next working day basis when ordered before 12 pm noon Monday to Friday. You can also click and collect from one of our local depots nearest to you including London, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham and Livingston Scotland.

help_outline Frequently Asked Questions

add_circle_outline Do You Have Any Tips For Looking After Cardboard Moving Boxes?

Choosing high-quality double-walled cardboard boxes means your boxes will be strong and durable enough to see you through your move. If you want to get extra life out of your cardboard boxes, then avoid ripping them open, and instead use a knife or box cutters on any tape that's securing your boxes shut.

Once used, the boxes can be flattened for storage in a dry and damp-free place like an attic. Read more of our moving box buying tips here.

add_circle_outline How to Secure Plastic Tubs for Moving?

Securing our plastic office tubs is easy, just use either our plain crate seals or our sequentially numbered security tags. Each crate requires 2 seals which can be used to secure the crate lids using the integrated holes provided. The crate is now tamper proof for moving and storing.

add_circle_outline Is It Better to Move with Boxes or Totes?

We would always recommend plastic totes for moving an office over cardboard boxes as they are up to five times faster to help pack your belongings over boxes. Office crates are ready to be used immediately unlike boxes that need to be built first using packing tape. However office boxes are a good alternative.

add_circle_outline Where Can I Get Boxes for Moving in the UK?

With many National service depots situated all around the UK you can collect moving crates from your nearest service centre. Our crate hire depots are situated in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and Livingston Scotland. To find your nearest crate rental depot take a look at our crate depot finder.

If you're looking for cardboard moving boxes, you can see our full range of moving boxes here.

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Such a great idea, very convenient and a green way to move house! (Plus no more drowning in cardboard boxes when moving in) Service was great, on time and as planned Definitely recommend