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Plastic Storage Crates To Buy & Hire
Plastic Storage Crates To Buy & Hire
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Plastic packing crates to buy and hire. We supply crates and boxes to the UK for storage and moving. Our plastic storage and removals boxes are tough, secure and very easy to handle. We stock both small and large crates, containers and boxes in huge quantities.

All of our heavy-duty crates are made from heavy-duty plastic. Plastic storage crates are weatherproof and can be sealed easily using their integral lids. Their space-saving design helps them nest inside each other when empty. When The crate is full, the attached lid can be closed shut and used to stack crates on top. Plastic storage crates are ideal for storing your items safely and securely.


Plastic Packing Crate Types

Our plastic crates are ideal for packing away your belongings when it's time to move home or office and we stock a variety of different sizes.  Our smallest crates are suitable for smaller, valuable items and the largest of our crates is ideal for moving big awkward objects. As well as crates, we also have handling equipment and packaging supplies, everything you need for a smooth home or office move!

Easy lifting handles are moulded into the crates for easy handling.

The smallest crate in our extensive range. Personal moving crates protect small valuable items when in storage. It has a capacity of 25 litres and has comes with an attached lid. The lid can be securely closed with security cable ties. Great for storing small items.

Our medium sized removal crate has a capacity of 54 litres. The box is perfect for moving homes and offices with stairs. This is due to the crate being slightly smaller and lighter than the standard moving crate. The integrated lid prevents over packing the boxes And is easily secured. This crate is for hire only.

The standard plastic removal crate is our most popular. It is used in 80% of all domestic and commercial moves. It has a capacity of 80 litres and has an integrated lid That can be secured. The removal industry uses this crate when moving customers.

The only unlidded crate in our range. The long crate is used for easy packing of awkward shaped items. They can still be stacked when full using the bale arm crate system. The crate is perfect for moving library books. This crate is for hire only.

Just like the A6 crate but with a lid. The lid can be easily secured using cable ties. Stacking crates on top of each other when full needs the lid to be closed. Great for storing difficult items.

A metre long crate used to move hanging files easily. Suspension files can be stored using metal bars that are located within the crate. This method is the easiest way to move and store your important files. This crate is for hire only.

The computer crates are used to transport computers safely. Designed to store your computer work station when moving. Pack your computer, monitor, keyboard and cables easily. The computer crate has an integrated lid and are tough.

The largest plastic crate in our range. These boxes Are used to move large computers and servers securely. The attached lid container can be secured using plastic cable ties.

The Plastic Moving Box Specialists

Crate Hire UK has 20 years of experience in providing moving solutions. We are the top-rated plastic crates and boxes supplier in the UK* and we are proud to help move thousands of homes and businesses every year.

Benefits of plastic storage and packing containers include the following;

  • Up to five times faster to pack your belongings into than cardboard boxes

  • Crates with handles are lighter and easier to lift than wooden boxes

  • Weatherproof unlike cardboard boxes that are prone to water damage

  • No need to build the box before use

  • Packing tape is not needed as they are already assembled

  • Space-saving nesting design over wooden crates

  • Can be stacked on top of each other unlike cardboard

  • Integrated lids for securing your items easily

History Of Plastic Crates

Crates have been used to move and store products and items for a century. The first crate used to transport goods was a tea crate used to pack and export tea leaves. The tea chest was made from wood and riveted at the edges using metal binding strips. Lead foil lined the container to help keep the tea fresh In shipping. The tea shipped to countries far and wide including the United Kingdom. The lead foil was shortly replaced with aluminium foil for health reasons.

The rigid container made for a single trip; making a handy storage box when unpacked. Tea crates became the ideal solution for storing and transporting items. Perfect for moving homes and relocating offices.

As wood became more unsustainable, the crates became plastic. This added toughness and strength to the now very reusable moving containers. The plastic used in making our containers is Polypropylene (PP). Polypropylene is a food-grade plastic used in bottle tops, car bumpers and appliances. It is durable and high impact resistant making it to be the perfect material to make a crate.

Plastic crates are weatherproof and lighter to handle than wooden crates. They are still the easiest way to move and storehouses and offices. As a result the UK’s removal industry have utilised the plastic removal crate.

If you are wondering whether you should opt for plastic moving and packing crates or traditional cardboard, check out our article Moving Using Cardboard Boxes Versus Plastic Crates, and if you still have questions, then why not refer to our FAQs.

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