Moving Day Mishaps & How To Avoid Them!

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The day of your move is usually a hectic one. Tensions often run high and with so much to think about and do, paying attention to every little thing can be next to impossible. In this article, we outline some common moving day mishaps and give you advice on how to avoid them, so that you moving day goes smoothly.

Moving Day Mishaps And How To Avoid Them Crate Hire UK

Trips & Falls

Carrying things to and fro, means you can often find your visibility obscured by boxes you are holding. When you’re holding even just one large box, it makes seeing the floor directly in front of you particularly tricky.

When carrying large boxes, make sure you’ve checked your route out to the van or into a room first, to ensure there is nothing on the floor. Keep pets and small children out the way so they can’t run under your feet, and if you can, get someone else to act as your eyes and direct you.

Putting Your Back Out

Moving day for most of us, means being more active than usual, Over the course of the day you are likely to be carrying lots of boxes and handling potentially heavy furniture. All of this lifting and carrying can spell disaster for your back, and the last thing you want is for your back to go half way through the move.

It might sound daft, but warm up first. Some gentle stretches is all it takes to ensure your muscles are warm and less likely to strain. Don’t pack too many heavy things in one box, always get help when lifting heavy furniture rather than trying to do it yourself and finally practice lifting the right way, using your legs, rather than your back. NHS safe lifting tips.

Moving day mishaps

Spilled Box Contents

When packing, it can be tempting to try and shove as much into boxes as possible. This cuts down on the number of boxes you need to buy or rent, and can make the tedious job of packing a bit quicker. Using cheap tape to assemble cardboard boxes that aren’t sturdy enough to cope with being packed full can spell disaster, leading to the contents of a packed box spilling out as the bottom gives way.

When you assemble boxes, make sure you are using a good quality tape to seal the bottom and use a couple of passes of tape to secure the bottom shut securely. Don’t scrimp and buy cheap flimsy cardboard boxes either; you’ll only end up using twice as many as they won’t take as much weight, and finally don’t over pack. Cardboard boxes can’t take an awful lot of weight, which is why we recommend using plastic moving crates.

Losing Something Vital

Where did you put those keys and that essential paperwork? Where are the mugs for a brew? Where’s the loo roll for the new property? With so much going on, you want to ensure that all the vitals are easy to find.

We are big fans of having a moving day essentials box ready. This requires a bit of forward planning, but means you’ll have everything you might need in a hurry to hand. We’d also advise you to label boxes and pack similar things together – this will make what you are looking for much easier to locate. When it comes to moving day, why not check out The Ultimate List Of 60 Moving Tips & Hacks.

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Crate Hire UK – Moving Day Mishaps & How To Avoid Them!


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