6 Reasons To Consider Moving Office

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6 Reasons To Consider Moving Office

Moving your business is a big decision to make, and due to the inevitable disruption it will cause, one that requires an awful lot of thought.

6 Reasons To Consider Moving Office Crate Hire UK

Some of the every day niggles you might have regarding your office or building (poor ability to regulate office temperature, broken ceiling tiles, draughty windows) may be even more evident to the customers and suppliers you deal with, and may also contribute to lower job satisfaction in your employees, negatively impacting productivity.

We can’t all afford big flash offices in the best part of town that have been professionally designed, but having a modern, clean and aesthetically pleasing office space is a must for any growth focused business.

If you are wondering if an office move is right for you, the following 6 reasons to move are worth considering.

1. Your location is hard to find for clients

Low rents can be tempting, but that can often mean an out of the way location. As you grow it becomes more important for you to present a certain image, and of course, having a location that is easily accessible for your clients is important, making this an excellent reason to move.

2. You’ve outgrown your current premises

Expanding your business is obviously a desirable business goal, but a building can only accommodate a business to a certain size.

Sometimes you might have the option to take on sole occupancy of the full building you are in, you might even be in a position to extend your current office with a built extension, or it could be as easy as leasing an adjacent office. However, when these options are not available, moving may be the only way to cope with the space demands of an expanded team.

3. The building is badly showing its age

A building that is in a poor state of repair is unlikely to give your customers or suppliers with a positive view of your business. Whilst some minor repairs are relatively straight forward and will be handled by your landlord, an increasing number of repairs will cause disruption to office life.

Some of the down sides of an ageing building are far harder to avoid, this about the style of architecture of the building and the infrastructure of the building. Always try to get your landlord to sort out any issues as soon as you are aware of them, but it could work out to be more beneficial in the long run for you to just move to more modern premises.

4. You’re unhappy with the terms of your new lease

If you have tried and failed to negotiate better terms in your new lease and your old lease is now up, it could be time to move on. Work out in financial terms the implications of accepting or sticking with an unfavourable lease and compare it to better terms you might be able to get elsewhere.

In the long run you might find out that moving is actually cheaper.

5. The office is a bad fit for your brand

Like it or not, your physical location is an extension of your businesses brand. Even B2B companies who don’t see themselves particularly as brands, can be judged by potential clients on the strength of their office space.

A tatty, small or dingy office doesn’t send a positive message and may even put a potential customer off from dealing with you. If for example you have a customer facing business, then this is even more important. A cool quirky brand needs a modern and quirky office to enhance their identity, so if your office isn’t a good physical reflection of your business, you should considering moving to somewhere that is.

6. You need to cut costs

In a tough world economy, it can often make strategic sense to make operations smaller in size in which case, you might want to downsize. This will mean cheaper rent, or it will allow you to move to a better location or building.

It is worth seeing if you can negotiate a reduction in rent before making the decision to move, but if you are drastically scaling down operations or even having to let staff go, then you won’t need as much office space as you did before in which case moving is probably the best option.

Thinking About Moving Your Office?

Crate Hire UK plastic crates and crate handling equipment are the ideal way to move the contents of your office. Ideal for storing files, computer equipment and so on, our crates come in a variety of sizes and with specialist office moving equipment, and the flexibility of our hire agreements, moving your office with Crate Hire UK couldn’t be easier.

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