Getting Your Home Guest Ready For Christmas

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Getting Your Home Guest Ready For Christmas

At Christmas time many of us have guests come over to stay, making an already busy time, even busier!

There is always such a lot to do at this time of year, what with Christmas shopping, writing cards, gift wrapping, the big grocery shop, visiting family and friends, the kids school plays and a last minute rush at work to tie up projects before the end of the year.

Relaxing At Christmas Crate Hire UK
With a bit of planning, It is possible to relax when Christmas guests come to stay…

With so much going on, it’s easy to get stressed out and to end up spending the whole of December rushing around – not the best way to instill a sense of Christmas cheer!

Being organised is the key to making sure the festive period is merry rather than murderous. Many of us will travel to visit family and friends, but we’ll also often receive many of our own visitors into our homes, both in the run up to and over the Christmas and New Year period.

To make sure you can focus on being the perfect host (and make some time to actual have some fun yourself), we recommend getting your home in order well in adcance, ensuring you’ve ordered enough food and drink and have washed and laundered the bedding in advance will help to make the whole experience easier for you and more plesent for your guests!

Christmas Guest Checklist & Tips

  • Make sure you’ve put clean bedding on the guest bed(s)
  • Short on pillows or similar? Ask your guest(s) to bring extra with them
  • Make sure you are aware of any special dietry needs of your guests before you do your grocery shop
  • Guests need feeding the following morning, so make sure you order/buy in extra and don’t forget to keep it simple, a choice of bacon sandwiches, croissants, toast and breakfast juice is ideal
  • Order your groceries online and get them delivered the day before or on the morning that guests are due to arrive
  • Clean and vacuum the guest bedroom and bathroom in advance
  • Put out fresh towels for your guests to use
  • Make up the sofa bed in the spare room, or get camp beds and inflatable mattresses set up and ready before guests arrive
  • If you will be playing games, for example on the Wii, make sure you’ve got enough batteries and know where all the controllers are
  • Make sure your first aid box is well stocked for guests who might need hangover remedies the morning after
  • Have a general tidy up and set aside an area where guests can hang their coats and leave their shoes
  • Your guests might be arriving Saturday night for the party of the year and despite the wine flowing, setting an alarm in the morning means you’ll be able to tend to your guests the morning after

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