How To Declutter Before Moving Home? 5 Pro Decluttering Tips

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Once you have decided to move, your thoughts tend to focus on having a tidy and sort out. Whether your property is already sold or is yet to go on the market; you’ll need to tackle everything from the spare room to that mystery drawer in the kitchen. If you’re wondering how to declutter before you move home, read on for our 5 pro tips to help you get organised before you move.

Pro Tips To Help You Declutter Your Home

There is no denying that moving house is a massive undertaking. It helps if you can plan and prepare well in advance of your moving date.

Having a right old sort through years of accumulated belongings can seem quite daunting. Set aside a weekend and rope in family or friends to help. With our tips and some planning, you can take some of the hassle out of your move.

1. Be realistic and set aside time to declutter before packing

Don’t try and do everything in a day or even a weekend!  The average family home contains many years’ worth of accumulated belongings and it will take lots of bin bags, storage boxes and trips to the recycling centre and charity shop to cut it all down to a more manageable load!

There is no point in making a whole heap of things that you no longer need or use when you move house, so now is an excellent time to get organised and declutter.  Leave it until the last minute and you risk getting swamped with other jobs and you won’t have the time or the focus to declutter effectively, so it’s best to get started as soon as you can.

Don’t underestimate how long the process can take too as moving home can have a big emotional impact as you rediscover memories as you sort through everything and get ready to pack.

2. Sort through everything and be ruthless!

Sort everything into piles of things you are keeping, things that need throwing away and things that can be passed on to friends, charity shops or be otherwise recycled.

If you haven’t worn or used it in over a year – get rid of it!  Of course, there will be items you want to keep that you don’t actively use, so set them aside for the storage.  Label them up and store them safely away ready for the move.

3. Get inspired and create a mood board!

Use your move as an excuse to get inspired!  If you start thinking about your new home and planning, you’ll effectively manage to take some of the stress out of the process. Give yourself something positive to focus on, and it might just give you the motivation needed to declutter!

Try putting together a mood board with colour inspiration for decorating or refitting your new home; for some great inspiration, check out our Pinterest board featuring sophisticated & classic interior ideas or take a look at our collection of funky home interiors.

4. Plan what you pack in advance and label everything

Cardboard boxes are reasonably sturdy but remember not to over pack them. Start by packing things away that you won’t need any time soon. For example out of season clothes; label them with their intended location and what is inside. “Master Bedroom – Mums Winter Clothes.” An un-labelled box leads to mayhem at the other end, so grab a marker pen and get scribbling!  Also remember to pack like with like, though it can be tempting to fill any remaining space in a box with anything you can put your hands on this can make unpacking more difficult.

As you pack a box, stop and test it every so often to check it retains its shape; can be lifted and isn’t so heavy that the contents spill out of the bottom.  For packing heavier items, plastic removal crates are often much more versatile and offer greater protection to the contents. Use the crates and boxes for things you don’t want to pack until the last minute or will need to get your hands on fast at the other end.

5. Get organised

From organising the sock drawer to spare light bulbs, finding a place for everything can be a real challenge. You need to get coordinated and think of suitable storage solutions for all those things currently out on the side, stuffed into your drawers or kicked away under your bed.

For the things that you do decide to keep, think and ask yourself if you could store them more effectively.  You might want to consider things like display storage for jewellery, under-bed storage boxes, additional hanging storage for clothes or memory boxes for sentimental keepsakes.

For moving boxes and crates, Crate Hire UK have got it covered.  Whether you are super organised and do it all in advance or even if you leave it until the last minute, Crate Hire UK have got storage solutions and moving boxes to help! For more great tips, why not check out The Ultimate List of 60 Moving Tips & Hacks.


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