Boxes For Moving Home or Office

When it comes to buying moving boxes, whether it be a commercial or domestic move, it's crucial that you not only choose the right boxes, but that you buy enough of them to see you through your move.

With many years of experience in the moving industry, we've put this page together to help you work out how many boxes you might need for your move as well as detailing some of the different options you'll find when it comes to choosing boxes for moving.

Whether you're looking for large moving boxes or need something smaller moving boxes, or a variety of different sizes, we've got what you need to get your home or office packed and ready for your move.


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£33.99 (ex.VAT) each
£37.99 (ex.VAT) each
£54.95 (ex.VAT) each
£63.99 (ex.VAT) each
£83.99 (ex.VAT) each
£93.99 (ex.VAT) each
L: 914 x W: 457 x H: 250 mm
£3.99 (ex.VAT) £3.30 (ex.VAT) each
L: 457 x W: 457 x H: 500 mm
£2.72 (ex.VAT) £2.34 (ex.VAT) each
L: 457 x W: 457 x H: 333 mm
£1.87 (ex.VAT) £1.58 (ex.VAT) each
L: 394 x W: 305 x H: 254 mm
£1.83 (ex.VAT) £1.67 (ex.VAT) each
L: 750 x W: 750 mm
£1.18 (ex.VAT) each
L: 750 x W: 100000 mm
£28.50 (ex.VAT) £24.23 (ex.VAT) each