Tips to Help You Easily Settle Into Your New Home

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When you’re moving home there are often a lot of changes to contend with, especially if you’re moving to a different town or are moving across the country. Settling into a new home in a totally different area and finding your feet can seem like a daunting challenge, so what can you do to help you and your family settle into their new home as quickly as possible? Read on for our top tips!

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Make it look and feel like home

The first thing you’ll want to do once your belongings have all been moved into your new home, is to start unpacking and organising your new living space.

An empty property has a totally different vibe to the same property filled with all your furniture and ornaments, so the process of unpacking and organising each room in the home will bring you one step closer to the new property feeling more like it really is home.

Get to know your new home

Most homes have their own quirks (think of that one squeaky stair or floor board you learn to avoid) which you’ll quickly get to know, but it’s the more practical things we’re talking about here, like figuring out how to programme the central heating, working out how the alarm system works, finding out where the electric and water meters are located, remembering which day bins are collected.

One you know the inner workings of your home, it will start feeling less like an alien environment and the confidence of knowing crucial information like this will help put your mind at ease and allow you to settle in more quickly.

Get to know the neighbours

It’s a sad fact that these days, particularly in larger towns and cities, that close friendships between neighbours are much less prevalent, but knowing your neighbours can pay dividends. As well as picking up helpful local advice and insights, neighbours can provide a second tier of security – a visibly vigilant neighbour could act as a deterrent to crime or anti-social behaviour for example.

As well as helping to protect your home, if you have any questions about the workings of your house, particularly if it’s a new-build, you can ask them for advice.

Being on the right side of your neighbours too can be invaluable for those times when you miss a home delivery and need someone else to sign or take it in for you. Just make sure you return the favour and happily do the same for them too!

Familiarise yourself with the local area

The easiest way to get to know the new area you live in is to step outside and go for a walk! Looking on Google Maps and researching the area online is one thing, but actually walking around your new village or town, following hidden footpaths, learning short cuts and finding out what shops and other services are close by, is always best done on foot.

Getting out on foot after you’ve unpacked is also a great de-stresser as walking is proven to actively lower stress levels and enhance wellbeing, so exploring your new home-town on foot could do you a world of good too!

Get involved in the local community

Although many of us lament the loss of community, in many cases communities still exist, they are sometimes just a little harder to find these days.

For those that live in small towns and villages, find out if you have any organisations in your parish. You might be surprised at just what people come together to get up to! From bell ringing and the good old WI, to cinema, book and bird watching clubs, you’ll find most places have thriving community groups.

To find local groups, check out your local Facebook groups, ask neighbours and look for posters and flyers pinned on walls and noticeboards in local shops and outside the local church and remember local groups are a great way to make new friends too.

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