Managing Relationships With Domestic Staff

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Managing Relationships With Domestic Staff

A recent study by the Equality and Human Rights Comission (EHRC) has revealed that cleaners often feel invisible and do not feel like a valued part of the team.

Managing Domestic Cleaning Relationships

Domestic staff are often made up of older workers, females and migrants and typically feel like they are at the very bottom of the corporate food chain, and as such have very few rights to complain or raise concerns.

When employees feel that they are not being treated with dignity or respect, it can fuel job dissatisfaction which adversely affects productivity. It makes sense then that these issues are addressed, and below we discuss ways in which this can be achieved.

Tips For Managing Relationships With Domestic Staff

  1. Research shows that longer contracts provide more security for domestic staff, which can help to promote a more positive relationship
  2. Consider providing resources that will educate workers on their employment rights and ensure that these rights are adhered to at all times
  3. Ensure that all domestic staff, whether employed directly or through a third party, have an employment contract
  4. Ensure that all domestic staff have an adequete break area that they can use. Providing access to staff canteens or restaurant facilities is also advisable and helps workers feel more like part of the team
  5. When you grant a contract to the lowest bidder, it is unlikely that their employees will be paid a living wage, so when it comes to securing cleaning services, make sure you find salary information out and make this form part of the decision making process

Showing general appreciation and treating domestic staff in the way you would treat any other staff should be commonplace, but this latest piece of research from EHRC, found that this is not always the case.

Make an effort to look after your staff and you’ll generally be rewarded with their loyalty and higher levels of productivity and the same principles apply to your domestic staff.


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