Practical Tips To Help You Deal With The Stress Of Moving Home

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To Coincide with “Time To Talk Day 2022” which this year falls on February 3rd, we wanted to talk about moving home stress and provide you with some practical ways of dealing with it. Read on to find out more about the impact stress can have on our health, why moving is so stressful along with some helpful tips to help you get through it.

Moving home stress

Did you know that stress can actually be good for us? The ‘fight or flight’ stress response generally kicks in when we face a threat and need to take action to avoid something or deal with it. For our ancestors that meant a jolt of adrenaline to help them run away from a Sabre-tooth tiger, but these days, potential sources of stress whilst less life-threatening, are arguably more numerous.

From making it into the office on time, remembering to pick the kids up from the right place at the right time, rushing your lunch break to run errands, standing in queues, stuck in traffic jams, performance reviews, making presentations, keeping on top of bills and household management and 101 other things that we’re all juggling day in day out.

Whilst most of these things aren’t really life-threatening, they can still have a profound overall negative impact on our sense of wellbeing, and stress, particularly prolonged stress, can take a real mental toll. When stress starts to negatively impact us, we might find that we’re short-tempered, lack focus, aren’t sleeping well, feel restless, more anxious and generally feeling run down to name but a few things.

Moving home is stressful

Whilst our perception plays a powerful role in how we interpret situations, and what’s stressful to one person might not be to the next, research has consistently shown that moving home is one of the most stressful of all life events. In fact, moving home ranks right at the top up there with things like divorce and critical illness.

It’s no wonder then that moving can be a stressful time. You’ll have lots to juggle from the practical to the financial, then factor in the physical toll it can take when sorting and packing your belongings add to this some ongoing uncertainty right up until the point of completion, getting to know a new home and a new area, a change in routine, and it’s really not surprising why moving can take such a toll!

The first thing to realise in dealing with moving stress then is accepting that a degree of stress is inevitable and that you probably are going to get a little anxious and overwhelmed and that’s perfectly normal.

The way that we deal with stress however and the impact it has on us differs from one person to the next.

Be vigilant, and look for the early warning signs of stress in both yourself and other family members and remind yourself or them, that no amount of worrying will change the outcome…though that’s often easier said than done!

To help you on your way to a less stressful move, we’d recommend that you do the following 3 key things.

1. Talk about it

We all know how important healthy coping mechanisms are for our mental wellbeing, and talking about things that are on your mind or worrying you can be extremely beneficial.

In years gone by, whilst some may have taken the ‘stiff upper lip’ approach and suffered in silence, thanks in parts to greater awareness and a change in attitudes, we now know that keeping things bottled up usually isn’t the best way to deal with most things, including stress.

Even just voicing how you’re feeling can help diminish feelings of stress! You could find that the person you talk to can offer sympathy, helping you realise you’re not alone and that your feelings are valid. They might provide words of wisdom or even more tangible support like hands-on help on moving day, or helping you to pack.

Making a moving day list

2. Plan and get cracking

When we face an event that takes a lot of time and effort to pull off, it can initially seem overwhelming. We’ve all experienced that feeling of not really knowing what to do or where to start a big task that leads to us avoiding things we probably shouldn’t.

The same is true with moving. There are no two ways about it, moving home will take a lot of time and planning and the packing alone can feel like a huge task, so the key to reducing overwhelm and feelings of stress is to be as organised as possible, break things down into smaller tasks and start ticking things off the list now.

Even if it’s as simple as making a to-do list, digging out some information you need to provide to your solicitor or tidying out the spare room, doing something, however small will make you feel more empowered and in control which in turn will help reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed.

Wellbeing when moving man running

3. Prioritise your wellbeing

We know you’re going to be busy and even more so if you’re also juggling work, family commitments and the move, meaning your wellbeing could well take a back seat. It’s crucially important though to make time for yourself.

Whether that means grabbing your trainers and heading out for a run or spending an hour away from home gossiping over coffee with a friend, whatever wellbeing looks like to you, make sure you take time out for yourself.

It can seem counterintuitive having a lie in, taking an hour, half a day or even a whole weekend ‘off’ from the move, but in the long run, it could do you so much good, leaving you feeling rested, replenished and more resilient.

To find out more, please refer to our comprehensive guide on How To Maintain Wellbeing & Reduce Stress When Moving Home and also consider how stress impacts family pets, by having a read of Are Your Pets Stressed out Because of Your Move?

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Tips for dealing with moving day stress

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