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Buy Plastic Removal Crates & Boxes Easily
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Buy Heavy Duty Plastic Removal Crates Easily. With a large range of sizes we supply industrial removal crates for fast delivery to anywhere in the UK. Buy the original plastic removal crates that are used in thousands of removal applications everyday to move and store offices and homes Nationwide. New and used removal crates and moving boxes for sale in many various colours. Branding available for company names, logos, telephone numbers etc.

Plastic Removal Crates To Buy For Fast UK Delivery

Crate Hire UK is the fastest growing National crate and moving supplies store. We pride ourselves in always supplying our customers with the correct crates and services to fit their specific application. We stock a large range of new and used plastic removal crates to buy and can also offer a top rated hire service to anywhere in the UK.

Our plastic removal moving crates are the original industrial crates used by most professional removal companies and can be ordered either online or by phone using our easy to use online store. We offer fast nationwide delivery to mainland UK either next day or within 48 hours.

New & Used Removal Crates For Sale

We sell either brand new or used removal crates in various sizes including a small personal crate like our LC1, a medium sized stair crate LC2, the standard 80 litre removal crate LC3, metre long plastic crates LC6 that can be lidded or unlidded, Flat screen computer crates IT2 and also the largest crate of them all the IT1.

They can be supplied in many various colours including black, red, blue, green and yellow and can be branded with your company name, logo or telephone number when bought in larger numbers. Please contact us for pricing if this service is needed.

The plastic removal crates are typically used to move and store items securely and safely and provide an incredible storage solution that ensures your items are well protected from damage. All our crates are made from virgin or recycled propropylene plastic ensuring additional robustness to deal with many conditions and to provide longevity to your removal crates.

If you would like to discuss your specific requirements in more detail for advice on type and size of removal crates best suited for you then call our customer service team on 0845 835 4870 where we will be more than pleased to offer you our recommendation based on nearly 20 years of crate experience.


New & Used Plastic Removal Crates For Sale - Crate Hire UK


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