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Crate Hire UK offers the most comprehensive range of plastic moving crates to help you move, store and relocate. Whether you are moving a large office or small flat, we always make sure you have the right hire crates for the job. Personal Objects, Valuables, Folders, Computers and even IT Servers are all easily moved using our rentable strong packing crates. So when you book crate hire online with us, you can be sure to get the right crates at the right time, everytime.

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Moving Crate Hire Guide

Crate Hire UK has many years of knowledge and experience in packing crate hire services so if you are unsure of the volume or type of crate you need, please do not hesitate to contact us for free impartial advice or alternatively try our crate hire calculators for office relocation and home moving. Why not also take a look at our useful guide below to help you choose the right hire crates for your business or house move.

Hire Crates

Removal Crate Sizes and Typical UsesStacked Plastic Crates

Our plastic rental crates come in many types and sizes so we can ensure you have the right crate for your move, storage or relocation. We offer a choice of eight rentable removal crates, making our range one of the largest in the UK. From our standard lidded hire crate to our metre long book moving crates we will deliver your crates clean, nested and ready to use immediately on the day you need them.


Our rental crates are suitable for a number of different uses including:


Storage Crate Hire

Our storage crates ensure added protection and durability when storing items for short or long term periods.


Rent Crates for Moving Home

Our rental crates are ideal for moving home as they arrive ready to use and are strong enough to be stacked on top of each other.


Hire Crates for Business Relocation

Moving an office or a business is easy using our crate hire services as they are robust, quick to pack, save valuable space and protect high value items when in transit.



Eight Types of Rental Crates

Our choice of 8 hire crates can move anything from files, folders, personal items, books, valuables, office equipment, computers, servers, documents and magazines to name a few. Our hire crates are available to hire on a weekly basis and are a cost effective way of ensuring your valuable items are moved safely and securely. The types of removal crates available are as follows:


1. Lidded Personal Hire Crate - LC1

Our small personal lidded crate is ideal for packing personal items and belongings such as desk items, personal valuables and important documents (up to A4 size). It has an integrated lid, which can be secured for added security using our crate security seals. With 2 handles on both short sides carrying and handling the small hire crates are effortless.



2. Lidded Medium Hire Crate - LC2

Our stair crate is a medium sized lidded plastic rental crate designed for easier handling when moving full crates up and down staircases. The size of the crate takes away health and safety risks. Smaller than our standard sized hire crate, lifting and handling is easy with two attached handles on each side.



3. Lidded Standard Hire Crate - LC3

The industrial standard for all moving crates, our lidded standard hire crate is a popular choice to move, store or relocate. It has an attached interlocking lid to keep contents safe and secure and is ideal for moving and storing most items in an office or home. Our lidded crates add protection against the weather when placed outside for a small amount of time.



4. Standard Unlidded Hire Crate - A3

If a lidded hire crate to help secure your packed contents is not essential when moving, storing or relocating then our unlidded version of the well known standard lidded crates are available to rent on a weekly basis. With metal bale arms that retract when empty they can be nested and stacked on top of each other when fully packed. A very efficient moving crate for your home and office move.



5. One Metre Long Unlidded Hire Crate - A6

Just as the unlidded standard hire crate, our metre long crate the A6 for moving files, folders, lateral filing and books also has no lid and is extremely strong and industrial. When full the metal bale arms can be protracted to allow for stacking of the hire crates and if empty you can also nest the rental crate inside of each other. This crate is designed for maximum efficiency when packing and unpacking.



6. Metre Long Lidded Rental Crate - LC6

The lidded version of our unlidded one metre crate is our LC6 the lidded metre book crate that allows the user to secure the interlocking attached lid when the hire crate is full. Again ideal for moving books, files, folders and lateral filing systems when carrying out an office move. Stacking of the rental crates is simple as they can be placed on top of the closed lidded full packing crate. This crate is great for moving and relocating libraries in particular.



7. IT Server Moving Hire Crate - IT1

Computer servers are an essential part of any business which is why our specially designed server moving crate is built to provide added protection and security when moving your IT servers from one location to another. The large 165 litre capacity is easily able to carry the bulkiest of computer equipment including keyboards and monitors and can be secured with our crate security seals. Sack barrows or roll cages allow for easy handling when the rental crates are full.



8. IT Computer Moving Hire Crate - IT2

Our computer rental crates are built to move computer workstations in their entirety including, keyboards, monitors, cables and mice. Fully securable using the interlocking lid, our computer rental crate makes sure that all of the components are kept together when in transit or storage for easy assembly at the final location. Anti static bubble wrap bags and keyboard protection sleeves can also be purchased from our online shop or over the phone to protect the high valued items. 2 handles to lift the crate are on the sides for easy lifting and manoeuvring.

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Lidded or Unlidded Crates?

Most of our rental crates have integrated interlocking lids attached to them for security purposes when moving, storing or relocating belongings and items. You can securely seal the crate using our special security seals that can be purchased online. If greater security is needed we also sell sequentially numbered tamper proof crate seals.


Full lidded hire crates can be stacked on top of each other’s closed lid and nest within each other when empty to save space when moving or relocating your home or office. Similarly our choice of unlidded rental crates can also be stacked and nested using the integrated metal bars but offer no option to secure the contents of the crates with plastic seals.


Plastic Hire Crate StrengthCrate Hire Strength

All of our hire crates are made from virgin grade polypropylene, which gives the rental crates their extreme strength and robustness. Crates made out of plastic are difficult to break or shatter and are very durable. Making them ideal for the hard work of moving, storing or relocating your office or home.


At the end of their life they can be recycled and used again, creating a fully 100% recyclable moving solution. Making crate rental an ideal environmentally friendly choice when it comes to moving, storing or relocating.


Our crates are also weatherproof if needing to leave outside for a short period of time but are not waterproof so contents can be damaged if left unattended in extreme weather conditions or left for a long amount of time.

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Rent Storage Crate Accessories

Our plastic storage crates available for you to hire also have accessories that can be purchased at the time of order through our online crate rental shop. Alternatively you may place your order by phone and include the following items to help you in your move.


Anti-static bubble wrap bags to help protect electrical equipment and components from static charges built up in storage or transit. We recommend using these bags in conjunction with our IT server and computer moving crates.


Keyboard protective sleeves for protecting and keeping keyboards, mice and cables dust free when relocating workstations.


Bubble wrap rolls for wrapping and protecting items individually before packing our removal crates.


Plastic security crate seals for securing our attached lidded rental crates for added protection when in transit or storage.


“Easy Peel” crate labels to identify the contents of the packed crates for easy identification when unpacking at your final location.



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