SK3 - Plastic Standard Crate Dolly

Was: £5.95 £5.45 (ex.VAT) Per Week
Product Details

A plastic crate dolly that allows for quick and easy handling of our standard sized moving crates A3 and CH3.

If you are using a good number of crates to move home or relocate your office then our plastic crate dolly is specially designed to reduce the time of packing and moving the crates.

When using our skates and dollies an empty crate can be placed on the dolly ready to pack and fill. When full the lid can then be closed and secured. Another empty crate can be stacked on top ready to be packed and filled repeating the process.

When you have finished packing the standard moving crates you are able to easily manoeuvre them using the swivel castors. This means you never had to lift a full standard moving crate.

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Such a great idea, very convenient and a green way to move house! (Plus no more drowning in cardboard boxes when moving in) Service was great, on time and as planned Definitely recommend